Silver Screen Moments

You know that scene in the movies where the pregnant woman lays in stirrups and her wife holds her hand while the dr pokes around and everyone stares at the screen in anticipation? This was exactly like that, but there was nothing to see, yet.

We had our first fertility appointment on Monday and everything became very real, very fast. I was a wreck. The best way my body knows how to process overwhelming emotion is to cry. So cry I did. For everything.  I feel so sorry for Jessica. I’m going to be en ever-weeping woman for the next year of my life. 

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& Then The Power Went Out

I can't believe it's already June. Seriously, what the fuck?! Life around here is a whirlwind of planning and prepping and meetings and decisions. "What's on the schedule this week?" "When was that appointment?" "Have you called your mother?"... spoiler alert, she hasn't. It's been hard for us to catch a breath these days. Today I was excited because I got out of work a little bit early. It was enough time for me to run to the store to grab a couple ingredients for dinner, come home and write this blog post and have food on the table before Honey got home. I was headed towards the check outs at Sprouts and the power went out. 

I've always had this dream of being locked in a Whole Foods or Sprouts never...

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