Information Overload

You guys know that feeling, the one where you know you are supposed to be paying very close attention to something someone is saying but its just the hardest thing to do at the moment? The one where so much information has been put inside your head you literally feel like it's full, at capacity and unable to comprehend anymore. That has been me over the past few weeks. I'm sure you can also envision a chicken running around with its head cut off chasing 4 dogs, 2 cats, and lets not forget the 3 kittens we just welcomed for comedic reference. (We will get to the kittens later.)

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Silver Screen Moments

You know that scene in the movies where the pregnant woman lays in stirrups and her wife holds her hand while the dr pokes around and everyone stares at the screen in anticipation? This was exactly like that, but there was nothing to see, yet.

We had our first fertility appointment on Monday and everything became very real, very fast. I was a wreck. The best way my body knows how to process overwhelming emotion is to cry. So cry I did. For everything.  I feel so sorry for Jessica. I’m going to be en ever-weeping woman for the next year of my life. 

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