Tiny Human Update!

HOLY SHIT! We are having a baby! Soon!!

 So, I know back in January we apologized for being absent, and then remained absent. If I have learned anything, it’s that being pregnant takes A LOT out of you. Being up-to-date on a screen has been the last thought on my mind, but here we are. Here’s a quick run-down of the last 4 months.

 In August when we did this, May felt sooo far away. And just like that, here we are. We have absolutely enjoyed this pregnancy. We hung out in Cali with family, celebrated honey’s work accomplishments in Scottsdale, got in one last full ACL, enjoyed our baby moon in the beautiful Sequoia Forest and got in one last just-the-two-of-us spontaneous trip to London. I have loved feeling every weird, acrobatic trick he’s being doing in my belly and am going to miss it.

 February – We celebrated my birthday, kind of? I wasn’t in the mood to do much. Lol. We spent time in Northern California snowed in amongst the giant Sequoias and then had the opportunity to go to London for a week for work. This was different than any other trip because we got to see what it would be like to live there, take the tube everywhere and just day-to-day life. When I wasn’t exhausted from that, we got in a little sight-seeing.  Honey got to experience an Arsenal Soccer game (which is a big deal, from what I understand) and was over the moon. I got to have lots of amazing vegan food, go to the Flagship LUSH store (more than once) and we found the cutest outfits for Oliver! There is still so much London left to explore, but the good thing is that we loved what we did see and so we are sure we will go back at some point.

 March – Officially in the last trimester. Started our baby classes and learned a lot. Honey had carpal tunnel surgery at the last possible second to accommodate a 6-week recovery period before the boy gets here. We started submitting what I needed to for maternity leave and got final details together for the baby shower at the end of the month. It turned out beautiful and we were able to have most of our favorite people under one roof. (Thanks to everyone who came and to those who helped make it a successful event!) We were more than blessed and are just so grateful!

 April – Let’s see… we did the hospital tour, got a new car, got all the hospital bags packed and finished up preparing the house. Honey’s team at work gave us the cutest shower and we really enjoyed celebrating with them. Within the past 2 years nearly everyone on that team has had a baby so it’ll be nice to get all the kids together soon in a couple months.

We started weekly OB appointments and around the middle of the month we ended up in the hospital. 36 weeks and somewhere around midnight, I thought I was going into labor. I was in terrible pain so we packed the car and got ourselves to the hospital. A few really painful exams and couple hours later we found out I had gallstones. No baby coming yet, just stones…well, actually- stone. ONE stone caused all that. (*note to self- add gallbladder issues to the list of things that they don’t tell you about pregnancy) So now, after healing from delivering an already 7.5+lb baby (100% plant fed with a head in the 98th percentile), I’ll head back to the hospital to get my gallbladder removed.

 This false baby alarm served us well as we kind of got a practice run in. So, after all the commotion, we came back home to reorganize our bags, tie up any other loose ends and get all our paper work in place. Since then we have been on our weekly appointments and as of right now, I should be a little more than 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. Hopefully A LOT more than…

 May – We started off the month great by getting the final steps started with the courts. Our lawyer filed the petition for adoption in the interest of the unborn child. This will cover us in the event that I die during child birth- morbid yes, but we have to think of these things now- so that Jessica can keep Oliver rather than him going to the state or a member of my family. The last steps that we will need to complete for this is a background check on Jessica, a home visit from a social worker to see that she is fit to parent (HER CHILD) and then we just wait for a court date. Typically, this process is completed within 4 months of the child being born, so we will see how it goes.

For now, I’m just ready. I’m exhausted. I don’t sleep well. Everything is hard. My belly is HUGE and makes simple tasks ridiculously difficult. I feel like I’ve been running after just combing my hair after getting out of the shower. Every day I tell him to “GET OUT!” but he’s sitting comfy. After all, he is my son and a Taurus, so he does what he wants, when he wants… I guess I had that coming.

 Thankfully, I have the MOST AMAZING wife who is just so wonderful and supportive that I couldn’t have dreamt up a better team-mate to go through this with. She deals with my lack of energy, moodiness and ocd tendencies. She has single-handedly put together our boy’s room while allowing me to give input and direction. She’s been a rock through all our family drama and is an amazing advocate for both Oliver and I, especially when I know that she would rather not deal with confrontation. She’s a protective mama bear, through and through and I am just so. Damn. LUCKY.

 Things don’t always work out like we plan. Our life looks different than I always imagined it would be at this point, and it really is all for the better. Becoming a mom has made it easy to make decisions to cut the negative things and people in our life and put my family first. We are surrounded by so much love and support it’s nuts. We have been preparing, planning, working and dreaming for so long that it seems so surreal that this little man, who we already love so much, will be here any day now and I have never been happier in my life.

 Till next time,