Overdue Update!!

Believe it or not, I’ve set down about 5 different times to write this blog. We have been gone for far too long and it’s time to get the gears moving, hands typing and give you guys a little update.

 Since we last wrote, we have been to New Orleans, Vancouver, Portland, New York, all over Colorado, Amsterdam, Italy, Scottsdale and Los Angeles. Holy Cow! We have been on the move! Anne took the time to update our Adventure section awhile back, around the time I first sat down to write this. So, if you haven’t already, check it out for pictures from all of these adventures.

 But really, we know why you’re here… for that Tiny Human Update.

On our last update our “little swimmers” were being tucked away for a 6-month quarantine period. For those that don’t remember, the quarantine is required because any pesky STDs can remain “dormant” and not show up on any testing for up to 6 months. Our six-month period ended right before we took off on our big European trip so we decided to enjoy ourselves and let the guys chill out a little longer. 

After all our travels, when we decided the timing was right we called our amazing doctor and let her know that we were finally ready to get started, nearly a full year and some months after we started this journey. Getting everything organized for insemination day was a task I was happy to take on, I just wanted Anne to relax and get plenty of rest.

 First, we had to let the clinic know that Anne had started her cycle. Then on day 3, Anne went in to have bloodwork done. Then, we got prescriptions filled for the shot we needed to trigger ovulation and for the Clomid she would need to help her eggs grow. After a few mishaps with the doctor’s office, they ended up calling in the meds in for me! Yikes! Eventually we got that straightened out and everything was ordered and in place. Anne started 100mg Clomid on cycle day 4 as instructed, and on day 7 we went in to take a look to see how everything was growing. I remember Dr. Browne saying “everything looks good, let’s make a baby” and my heart skipping a beat. Sure, I had been waiting for this for over a year but, it’s was really happening!

 On the morning of insemination day, I remember pacing up and down the hallway as Anne got ready. For those that don’t know us that well, I can get ready in 2.5 minuets where Anne can sometimes take 2 hours, that’s a lot of pacing! On the way to the appointment I realized I forgot to create a playlist for this event! Music is so important to the both of us, how in the world did I forget to create a conception playlist?! Turns out that’s the least of my worries when making a baby, and we ended up using our wedding playlist, which worked out great in the end.

 At the clinic after what seemed like 3 years, we were called back into our room. I say our room because it’s the same room we use at every visit and it feels comfortable being in this room. Anyway, we are asked to verify that our thawed out little swimmers did indeed belong to us. We witnessed them being “locked and loaded” and were told to relax and turn on the light when we were ready for the doctor. We turned on the wedding playlist for relaxation and waited for Dr. Browne. Anne will share her view of the IUI process in a later post, but for me it was just like standing next to her for all the other appointments along with some grueling hand squeezes. We were able to watch every step as Dr. Browne delivered our swimmers right to the “doorstep” while the tunes of Selena played in the background. Once the insemination was completed, Anne laid down for a few minutes before we left and went on with a “normal” day.  

Before we left, we scheduled our follow up appointment for two weeks out, to come back and take a pregnancy test. This was the hardest two-week wait ever! During this time, we were happy to host family from California and otherwise tried to stay busy. None of our distractions seemed to help much, as about eight days into the wait Anne started testing knowing full well it was too early. Around day 11 I started to check the test after she would throw them away. She was looking for two bright pinks lines and I was looking for one bright and one maybe dull, kinda-there-if-you-squint-real-hard line. It turns out that my instincts of checking behind her were right when I noticed that second very faint pink line on a test. “HONEY! This test is positive!! Why did you throw it away?!”, I yelled from out of the bathroom. The line was terribly hard to see so at 6:00am I went to CVS to grab one of the “Pregnant” or “Not pregnant” digital tests. I got home so fast I don’t even remember driving. I had her take another test and three very long minutes later we both walked into the bathroom to find a positive “Pregnant” test waiting for us!! A few days later, we had the blood test to confirm we were indeed pregnant after just our FIRST try!

 We decided to hold on to this news until we were out of the first few scary months. Then, of course, we couldn’t possibly wait to find out whether it was a boy or a girl, so we took a blood test to find out at our first opportunity. As of tomorrow, we are 16 weeks pregnant a healthy mom and baby boy! We cannot wait to welcome our little Oliver Macario (after Anne’s grandpa) in May of 2019!

 Now that we have successfully created our tiny human we plan to be updating the blog a whole lot more as our journey is just beginning. Thank you to everyone that has checked in, wished us well, prayed and sent positive vibes during this time.

 May the force be with you,


Check out our announcement video below!!!!