After several set backs, we have both taken some time off from blog and baby things to have some fun. First, we can get to the baby, then we can get to the fun.

 Tiny Human Update:

 We left off needing to find a new clinic and so we began our search. Each time we called a new clinic we got different information. Some clinics outsource their swimmer collection to a cyrobank (facility is in charge of collection, freezing and storage). I was shocked to find that this option was relatively expensive considering that men can get PAID to drop this stuff off at the same said cyrobank. Some clinics don’t accept known donor sperm at all, and some will accept donor sperm but follow multiple guidelines in addition to the FDA.

 After taking a couple of weeks to consider our options we finally met with RMA of Texas. RMA has great FREE information sessions about their fertility options we had just always missed them due to our busy schedule. Anne was finally able to setup a consult with their office to see where we could pick up from after leaving the other clinic. This is where we stand today……

 RMA allows known donor sperm, which is great for us. Most of the process with them is the same in regards to state registration, testing, etc… but have one major difference. RMA requires that to donor sperm be held in quarantine for 6 months before we can use them. While this was initially devastatingly disappointing, we are happy to have chosen a place that knows what they are doing and follows proper processes. So, yeah…this means that we can’t begin to try a tiny human for another 6 months at minimum- with one caveat. We have to be established patients to start the process and the soonest a new patient appoint is available was mid-September. Then after that appointment Finn can go in and do his part, (early October) and then 6 months from that (April) we will all undergo another round of testing. This should mean that we can start trying in April, but because of the one fallopian tube thing, and how the months fall, we won’t able to start till the end of May. Almost a year out.

 While that sinks in and before we get to where we are today, I want to let you know that there is one more thing required with using a known donor with RMA, just in case you are thinking of using them for yourself. They require that that patient and the donor have counseling both together and separately. Thankfully since we have already been going to Savannah for close to a year we are able to have this fee waived with a letter from her.

 That brings us to today; Anne and I have taken some time to process and accept things. We have decided that we are going to make the most of this extra time together and travel.

 Our first adventure will be this weekend, driving up to Missouri to see the Eclipse in totality! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that we have decided to get some friends together and venture up to witness this amazing event. We are going to camp out for a night to catch two minutes of galactic wonder. It’s something I can’t even imagine yet, although I am kind of hoping it’s like “Heroes” and I get some super power.

 We promise to keep the blog going as long as you promise to keep reading. Our focus over the next few months will be detailing some of the things we have done, I promise we’ve got a few good things lined up.

May the force be with you,