Information Overload

You guys know that feeling, the one where you know you are supposed to be paying very close attention to something someone is saying but its just the hardest thing to do at the moment? The one where so much information has been put inside your head you literally feel like it's full, at capacity and unable to comprehend anymore. That has been me over the past few weeks. I'm sure you can also envision a chicken running around with its head cut off chasing 4 dogs, 2 cats, and lets not forget the 3 kittens we just welcomed for comedic reference. (We will get to the kittens later.)

In the past few weeks our schedule has been packed and overloaded with doctors appointments, labs, tests, birthdays, lawyers, and lets not forget the river we love so much. When we first started this process I told myself I could handle the majority of the "admin" work for Anne. I would handle scheduling appointments, getting her there, paperwork etc. After all, I thought it was the least I could do for her since she is creating this tiny human for us. I had this image of Anne during this pregnancy: shes laying under this palapa, glowing like the beautiful woman she is, drinking a virgin drink of her choice with a very complementing flower crown. I'm there next to her fanning her with huge oversized palms and she doesn't have to move or want for anything for 9 months. I finally shared this image of Anne with both her and Savannah at our most recent check in and they both chuckled and said I was ridiculous.

The reality is that I can't handle this all on my own, nor was I ever expected to. "It's the least that I can do." was the way I was looking at things. But upon having the conversation with Anne and Savannah, they helped me realize that that was the wrong way to look at things. EVERYTHING I was doing was far from the least I could do. Anne and I are a team and a pretty good one at that. I have to pass some of these tasks over to her so that I can make room for the loads of information that has yet to be dumped on us. We aren't even pregnant yet and my head is already about to explode.

Anne, by the way has been great in all of this. While I'm feeling the stresses of the household, money, work and all the other things, she has made sure to research how other mommies in my position feel. She got me this great book and we have been reading it together before we go to bed. Reading has helped me realize that I'm not the only one who is just one step away from a Brittany 2007 meltdown and that is really comforting. I love that she is always one step ahead of me with things like these, thank you Love.

It seems a bit silly to me that we have been going to see Savannah for about 9 months now and I never once thought about all the stress I would feel. I clearly forgot about the fact that while Anne is going though a mix of hormones and emotions creating a tiny human, I will still be my own glass case of emotions at least once a month! (How did I never think of this?!?) It just makes me laugh.  Thankfully, Savannah has armed me with some great exercises that have really helped! (Savannah what would we do without you?!)

Tiny Human Update: *from Anne

I have had several exams to get the official "all clear" from Dr. Neal. These include an array of sonograms and x-rays to make sure that everything is open and ready to carry. I had a Hysterosalpingogram which is an X-ray test. It looks at the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes and the area around them. It was terribly uncomfortable, but I lived. From this test we learned that my right fallopian tube is blocked. Since you only need one tube to conceive, it isn't really a big deal. When women ovulate each month, it's out of the opposite tube so what this means for us is that instead of trying monthly to conceive, we will only be able to try every other month.

Additionally there are a set of tests called "The Good Start" tests which check my DNA to make sure that I am not a genetic carrier of any harmful diseases. If something from the test comes back positive, then the Finn has to be tested too. If I come back negative on them all, then we are cleared to go.

Originally all of our donors tests we performed at the beginning of the legal process with his doctor and that was sufficient. Evidently the FDA has a say in the sperm that I put in my uterus, so now he has to go through additional testing. Either way, Finn is scheduled to "drop off" his little swimmers by the end of July so that we can freeze the little guys. Our doctor will keep them in house for 6 months before we have to get a new batch, so that will give us at least 3 tries.

Once we get the Good Start test results and Finn makes a deposit, we are all set! We are planning to keep the insemination sessions secret to maintain the element of surprise. For those of you who truly know Jessica, this is her ultimate test. Take your bets now on if she can actually keep it a secret!

* End of Tiny Human Update. - Anne out.

Lastly, Anne and I became grandparents to three tiny kittens on June 27,2017. Mama Kitty Piper did wonderful and all three babies are doing great! We already have a home set up for them. All three will be adopted by a fellow Racker once they are of age to leave their mama. Check out our Instagram pages for some super adorable kitty pictures.

These past few weeks have flown; I wish we could stop time and preserve this perfect summer. "A summer of Love and Honey" before we had a tiny a human.

May the force be with you,