Silver Screen Moments

You know that scene in the movies where the pregnant woman lays in stirrups and her wife holds her hand while the dr pokes around and everyone stares at the screen in anticipation? This was exactly like that, but there was nothing to see, yet.

Tiny Human Update: 

We had our first fertility appointment on Monday and everything became very real, very fast. I was a wreck. The best way my body knows how to process overwhelming emotion is to cry. So cry I did. For everything.  I feel so sorry for Jessica. I’m going to be an ever-weeping woman for the next year of my life. 

Right when we signed in we learned that insurance is going to cover so much more than we anticipated, (Thanks, Obama!) We met with Neil, our fertility specialist, who was informative, compassionate and helpful. As it turns out we are ahead of the curve legally with regard to our donor situation so things are moving along swiftly. 

Neil explained the testing I’ll have to undergo and that we are hoping that I don’t have deprecated ovaries. It sounds awful, but essentially I'm old and if I were 35 this would be considered a geriatric pregnancy. How's that for a wake up call? I have had 2 of 3 preliminary appointments and some time next week we are going to find out if we are cleared to proceed with insemination. 

We have opted to go with freezing our donors sample to reduce the inconvenience we put on him and his family. He, too, will schedule his appointment for mid July to come in and leave his sample so that it's ready for when we are ready to begin trying. Initially we had been told that since he has had preliminary testing as required by our lawyer, the July sample he drops off would be good for 6 months. Turns out that FDA sticks there nose where it doesn't belong and if you have a known donor, in a legal contract, who you aren't sexually active with they have to be FDA tested and approved. That testing is going to be the most expensive part of the whole thing. After that testing he is cleared for 6 months andhe can drop off as many samples as we need in that time frame. Insurance will cover 6 tries, but we are hoping it doesn't take that long.

A couple days after our first appointment I went in for more blood tests. These will help determine if I’m a carrier for any genetic diseases. If I come back positive for anything, then Finn will have to go in and get tested too. As long as we aren’t both carriers for anything, then we will be good to go. The last preliminary test is next week. For that one they are going to inject die into my ovaries and fallopian tubes and take some xrays to make sure everything is all set there. Then that’s it! 

If the universe permits it, we will schedule insemination for this fall. After all the medical stuff is cleared, we have a couple legal things to tie up and then begin the regular “we’re having a baby!” process. (Which we aren’t completely sure where to start with.) What worked for you guys? We’d love to here suggestions, tips, and all the “I wish someone had told me…” stories that you’ve got!