We're Doing This Thing!!

Friends and Family,

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and peek into our lives. Creating a tiny human is no easy feat. Especially if you aren't likely to get pregnant the old fashioned way, no matter how hard you try. Our kid will definitely know how much work, planning and thought went into their conception and how absolutely loved and wanted they have been since long before they were born. Making the decision to grow this baby was easy... getting the information to get started, not so much.

I have always known that I'd be the mom to carry a child so the fact that Jessica didn't have a preference one way or the other worked out in my favor. Next, we had to decide if we wanted to have a known or unknown donor. Really great arguments can be made for both sides and I don't think that there is a wrong decision. Ultimately it comes down to how we plan to handle the situation when our one-day kid decides to ask "Where do babies come from?" and "Who's my dad?" and all the other questions that will inevitably come along with having two moms.

The truth is that there is no possible way to predict our future self's reactions to those questions when they come up.  But if this kid is anything like either of us, there will be no settling for a glossed-over answer. They will want real answers and they will want them promptly. So- we have decided to go with a known donor that will remain anonymous until those questions arise. All parties involved have agreed to these terms and we will re-evaluate our course of action at time of inquisition. For the purpose of this blog we shall refer to our donor as Finn.

We are going through this process in real-time so the blog will be updated along the way.  At this point we have only gathered information, completed preliminary medical appointments and are underway with family counseling. In the coming months we will meet with our fertility doctor, begin paperwork with our attorney and begin conceiving. Please continue to join us on our journey.

Love Like Honey,

Anne & Jessica