Pisa & Manarola, Italy

🇮🇹 July 7 - July 8, 2018 🇮🇹


Our Review 

Review is only of Manarola as we were only in Pisa for an hour.

  • Weather - ☀️Hot but the sea breeze was very efficient in cooling off.
  • Friendly People - 🙋🏻‍♀️ So friendly. This little town was one giant family.
  • LGBT Friendly - 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Yup.
  • Vegetarian Friendly - 🍝🍷 We had great pasta AND my amazing wife found a VEGAN bakery and got me every flavor cannoli they had. 💗
  • Dog Friendly - 🐾 We did see some dogs around but I know for a fact there is not nearly enough space for them to run around. There were no parks or yards, even so not sure about that.
  • Cost Friendly - 💸 As with the rest of Italy, currency is Euros. We spent so much time in the water we didn't even think once about shopping, so we only spent money on dinner and that was a bargain!
  • Transportation -  ðŸ‘£ The beautiful mountainside town has a million stairs in every direction. No vehicles of any kind in this town. Tons of boats to get to the other towns.
  • Thing we didn't get to that we wanted to do - ðŸŒŠ  Stay longer and explore all the connecting towns. This was absolutely my favorite part of Italy.
  • Favorite Moment - ðŸ“ We went down to the water and climbed on the rocks until we found a spot so that I could write. I sat with my legs in the water and it swirled and swirled around me as I wrote and it was like a dream.
  • Will we come back? - ðŸ›« Absolutely. Our next trip to Italy will be a coastal trip starting in Manarola and heading south. It's going to take a couple trips to get through the whole coast because we have learned our lesson.  We will not willingly go the same pace as we did on this trip, ever again. 
  • Would we live here? - 📍As much as we love it, no. Still not modern enough for us and their is no privacy here, whatsoever. Everyone knows everyone's business and we just can't live like that.